Blue and White Eight Treasure Gooseneck Vase

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The eight treasures of a scholar, which celebrate study and success, are hidden among the many symbols on this gooseneck jar: double lozenges for victory, a pearl for granting wishes, stone chimes for celebration, a pair of scrolls for culture and learning, an Artemisia leaf for protection, books for wisdom, coins for wealth, and rhinoceros horns for victory. This long-necked jar is painted in the popular Chinese blue and white style, which has inspired ceramists worldwide since cobalt was first introduced to China from the Middle East thousands of years ago.

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Blue & White Porcelain

Soon after its development in the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368 AD), blue-and-white underglaze porcelain became a favorite of the imperial court. Its broad appeal rapidly extended beyond China’s borders, becoming a lucrative export commodity highly sought after in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

Using cobalt imported from Western Asia, ceramic artists ground the mineral into a vibrant blue pigment that was then painted directly on a porcelain base, coated with clear glaze, and fired. This underglaze technique brought with it a shift in focus from the overall shape of a vessel to the skill and artistry traceable in its painted decoration.

Transcending time and taste, blue-and-white porcelain continues to be appreciated around the world for the intricate brushwork and brilliant blue color.

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