Celadon Guanyin Headrest

c. 1850
W: 9.0" D: 6.0" H: 5.25"
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To keep their elaborate hairstyles intact while sleeping, well-to-do Qing-dynasty women used elevated headrests such as this in lieu of a pillow. Dated to the 19th century, this porcelain headrest is sculpted in the form of Guanyin. Known as the Goddess of Mercy, she is the female bodhisattva form taken by Avalokiteśvara in eastern Buddhism and is considered the embodiment of compassion. Depicted here reclining beneath the shade of a lotus leaf, Guanyin exemplifies calm and elegance. The headrest is finished with a lovely pale green celadon glaze that pools in the contours of the sculpted design for added depth.

Additional Dimensions:
Lotus Leaf Top: 7.75"W x 5.5"D

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