"Beneath the Bodhi Tree" Meditation Stone

W: 13.5" D: 10.25" H: 3.0"
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As if brushed with watercolors, this polished meditation stone is marked with swirling patterns of dark and light. Historically, stones with intriguing shapes and patterns such as this were sought after by Chinese scholars who plumbed their mysteries in search of universal truths and poetic inspiration. Amidst currents of tan, brown and dark grey, we see the wide canopy of the Bodhi tree, a powerful symbol in Buddhism as the location of Buddha's enlightenment.

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Mick de Giulio | de Giulio kitchen design

“I love working with PAGODA RED. When I’m looking for something distinctive for one of my clients, I can be sure I’ll find it there. Betsy has an incredible eye for the beautiful and unique and she continues to offer one of the best collections of Chinese furniture and decorative art.”

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