Huanghuali Mirror Stand

c. 1850
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W: 10.5" D: 12.5" H: 9.0"
Yellow Rosewood
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This gorgeous 19th-century display stand was once used by a Qing-dynasty woman to hold a tabletop mirror in the intimate quarters of her traditional Chinese home. In keeping with the trends, a well-to-do woman would use such a mirror to update her elaborate hairstyles and carefully composed makeup. Traditionally, the mirrors used upon a stand such as this were cast of bronze with a polished and silver-coated reflective surface.

This particular mirror stand is beautifully crafted of rosewood and huanghuali, a highly desirable hardwood favored for its warm color and mountainous grain pattern. The mirror rest itself is beautifully worked with six panels carved with archaistic dragon scrollwork around a central openwork panel. The lower dressing case resembles a waisted kang table, with four short legs and an overhung top. Two front doors open on white brass hinges to reveal three shallow drawers, used to store cosmetics and beauty accessories.

This style of mirror stand with a cosmetics case is described in the Ming-dynasty novel 'Jin Ping Mei,' when food is brought to a woman's dressing room and served atop her dressing case with the mirror stand removed. With balanced proportions and beautiful coloring, this huanghuali mirror stand is a fantastic example of fine Qing-dynasty accessories.

Stand is missing the original lock pin.

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