"Meng" Pillow by Xie Dong

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W: 9.5" D: 5.5" H: 2.0"
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Capturing the ephemeral beauty of a pillow recently dimpled with use, Xie Dong’s porcelain pillow sculptures are at once realistic and mysterious. Sculpted with a subtle impression in its center that has yet to rebound to its original shape, the pillow freezes a fleeting moment in time and implies the body that just left its mark. Of a series entitled "Meng," meaning "dream," the delicate pillow suggests the viewer is left with only an impression of what once was, a mere trace of something - or someone - accessible only through dreaming.

Based in Beijing, China, ceramicist Xie Dong has earned international acclaim for her captivating and imaginative porcelain designs. Intrigued by all that is formless or ephemeral in nature, Xie conjures forth sculptural forms that defy their medium, “commanding them to reveal their true identity in porcelain.”

Xie Dong is a graduate of the Beijing Art and Design Institute and her works have been included in international design exhibitions and can be found in the permanent collections of art museums around the world.

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