Gilt Brocade Ball Fragment

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W: 7.0" D: 2.5" H: 8.5"
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This hand-carved wooden fragment was originally a decorative element of ornate Qing-dynasty furniture or architecture. Colored by gilt pigments over an underlayer of red lacquer, the fragment depicts a silk brocade ball, commonly depicted alongside fu dog lions to symbolize high rank or power. The embroidered ball is flanked by chrysanthemum blossoms and tied with a long flowing ribbon, a sign of longevity. Elevated by a custom steel display mount, the storied fragment adds bright color and iridescence to a bookcase or table arrangement.

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Jan Pieter Fokkens

Inspired by telescope images of distant galaxies, star clusters and nebula, the colorful paintings of Jan Pieter Fokkens invite us to worlds full of wonder and imagination. Assembled from fragments of pattern and color, his abstract compositions are a means of manipulating reality. Endlessly generating new experiences of perspective, his paintings challenge our perceptions and allow us to peer into far-off worlds.


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