Silver Snuff Bottle with Grooming Tools

c. 1900
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W: 2.25" D: 2.0" H: 11.0"
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A mixture of finely powdered tobacco, herbs, and spices, snuff was introduced to China in the 17th century by Western diplomats. Initially reserved for ranking members of Qing-dynasty society, the practice provided an opportunity to display one's refined aesthetic through collectible snuff bottles.

This silver snuff bottle is part of a Qing-dynasty grooming kit, and may have carried fragrant herbs as a perfume or air freshener. Much like a Victorian chatelaine, a grooming set such as this was suspended from one's clothing at the shoulder, back, or waist. The bottle is decorated in low relief with koi, goldfish, and lotuses atop an openwork design of interlocking coins. The bottle hangs from a hook shaped like two fish, a motif for abundance and marital bliss. Five grooming tools dangle beneath the bottle from short chains, including a nail pick, ear pick, tweezers, and decorative sword. Elevated by a custom steel mount, the set hangs beautifully and can be appreciated from all angles as a true work of art.

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