"Desert Sands" Meditation Stone

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W: 10.5" D: 4.0" H: 11.5"
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A well-chosen stone is a focal point of both a traditional Chinese scholar's studio, evoking the grandeur of nature and inspiring creative thought. Known as scholars' rocks (gongshi), these stones offer the mind a place to focus; not unlike modern abstract art, each stone is open to interpretation and can be appreciated for the beauty of its form, color, and texture.

This modern meditation stone conjures images of a desert landscape, patterned with layered strata suggestive of sweeping sand dunes or a crackled desert floor. Within the many layers, the eye draws out various forms - such as two pine trees growing atop a hillside or perhaps a school of fish swimming against the current. Set on a modern custom steel stand, the stone has a captivating sculptural presence and a smooth texture that calls to be touched.

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Suzanne Lovell | Suzanne Lovell, Inc.

“I am particularly fond of PAGODA RED as we have known the family for so long. Betsy is a professional in every way and her intelligent taste comes from a long line of family knowledge in the arts. She and her team are the very best to work with and we find treasures with every visit!”

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