Karamojong Tribal Feather Headdress

c. 1950
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W: 15.0" D: 17.0" H: 14.0"
Natural Material
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The Karamojong people of Uganda are well known for their exuberant jewelry and body adornments, including headdresses such as this feather-festooned cap. A symbol of male strength and courage, these headdresses were worn by young men of a warrior class charged with preserving social order and peacekeeping. When a young man entered this group, his head was shaved, the hair mixed with mud and sewn into a wire frame. Shaped into a cap, the headdress was then adorned with ostrich feathers attached with springs to maximize their flutter. We love to imagine the pageantry of a group of headdress-bedecked young men proudly displaying their vaunted status at celebrations and social gatherings.

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