"The Adventure II" by Jan Pieter Fokkens

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W: 48.0" D: 1.0" H: 40.0"
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Chicago-based artist Jan Pieter Fokkens uses his work as a means of processing the incomprehensible. Navigating the relationship between algorithmic abstraction and the tangible qualities of pattern and color, Fokkens meditates on how we as viewers negotiate our realities. Entitled "The Adventure II," this vibrant drawing depicts a still from the Italian classic film "L'avventura," which follows the search for a missing young woman on a remote volcanic island. Seeking an explanation for her disappearance, the two protagonists look to their beautiful surroundings for answers and existential comfort. Fokkens partitions the film still into subsections, and then extracts the average color of each coordinate. Using archival markers, he represents each average as a single line on canvas. The resulting reductionist account invites the viewer to embark on their own adventure, to look inward and seek meaning from within the depths of the image.

Unframed. Archival marker on canvas.

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