Celestial Mingqi Horse Figure

c. 1368-1644 AD
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W: 5.5" D: 25.5" H: 26.5"
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This hand-carved Chinese wooden horse is a type of centuries-old burial figurine known as míngqì. Depicting the pleasures of daily life, míngqì figurines were offerings to one's spirit to ensure comfort and special treatment in the afterlife. Míngqì often take the shape of servants, dancers, musicians, concubines, and livestock. Although míngqì have been constructed of wood since as early as the Han dynasty, intact forms are quite rare - making this horse burial figure an extraordinary find. The wooden figure has aged beautifully from centuries of undisturbed preservation, yet has remarkably retained much of its original decoration and definition of form. With a low rump, arched neck, and four straight legs, the delicate horse is carved in the Northern Wei style (386-534), but likely dates to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). We've set this lively horse on a custom steel mount to return it to its original robust stature and elevate the piece as a fantastic sculpture.

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