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Favorites of Landscape Architect

Douglas Hoerr

As fans of the clean and elemental Hoerr Schaudt aesthetic, we’ve asked Douglas Hoerr to select a few garden favorites from our collection.

Limestone Shanxi, China W: 24.0" D: 13.75" H: 8.5"
Stone Trough
Limestone Northern China, China H: 6.0" Dia: 22.0"
Marble Shanxi, China W: 37.5" D: 15.75" H: 10.5"
Limestone Northern China, China W: 48.0" D: 16.5" H: 6.0"
Marble Shanxi, China H: 25.25" Dia: 13.75"
Ornate Marble Pedestal
Balance in Nature

Douglas Hoerr Inspired

Form, balance and simplicity define the work of renowned landscape architect Douglas Hoerr. Read his design philosophy and get inspiration for your own space.

Limestone Shanxi, China H: 31.0" Dia: 16.5"
Ceramic Northern China, China H: 20.25" Dia: 22.0"
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Limestone Shanxi, China W: 16.75" D: 7.0" H: 8.5"
Petrified Wood Northern China, China W: 27.75" D: 5.0" H: 5.5"

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