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Classic Comfort

Matthew Patrick Smyth

A master of classic comfort, Matthew Patrick Smyth designs spaces that are inviting and thoughtful. Reflective of his clean style, he believes Asian objects harmonize beautifully in any space.

Porcelain Hebei, China H: 15.5" Dia: 8.0"
Dingyao Porcelain Vase
Stone Jiangsu, China H: 7.75" Dia: 16.25"
Ironwood Beijing, China W: 67.0" D: 25.25" H: 71.0"
Fine Ironwood Cabinet
Northern Elmwood, Lacquer Northern China, China W: 117.5" D: 20.0" H: 36.0"
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Ironwood, Hide, Fabric Shanghai, China W: 63.25" D: 37.0" H: 34.0"
Deco Sofa
Limestone, Cypress Jiangsu, China W: 27.5" D: 27.5" H: 31.75"
Porcelain Southern China, China H: 42.0" Dia: 18.0"
Grand Cloud Covered Vase
Cypress Shanghai, China W: 24.25" D: 14.0" H: 20.0"
Northern Elmwood, Rattan, Lacquer Northern China, China W: 20.75" D: 14.5" H: 18.25"
Northern Elmwood Shanxi, China W: 38.5" D: 20.0" H: 31.25"
Demi Lune Table
Walnut Hunan, China W: 97.5" D: 15.0" H: 35.5"
Northern Elmwood Shanxi, China W: 81.75" D: 21.0" H: 32.75"

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