Standing Maitreya Buddha Stele

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W: 28.25" D: 6.5" H: 56.0"
Cast Stone
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This intricate limestone stele of a standing buddha likely depicts Maitreya, the Buddha of the Future. The only Buddhist divinity revered as both a bodhisattva and a Buddha, Maitreya is prophesied to return to Earth some time in the distant future and continue the historic Buddha's teachings of the Dharma. Like the historic Shakyamuni Buddha, Maitreya is a compassionate being devoted to showing the path to enlightenment.

Sculpted in the style of Song period (906-1279) statuary, Maitreya Buddha is depicted here standing with hands held outwards in abhaya and varada mudra, gestures of teaching and compassion. Known also as the bodhisattva of loving kindness, Maitreya holds his arms outstretched towards others to dispel fear, invite calm, and offer protection. He stands upon a lotus plinth flanked by two bodhisattva attendants and backed by a curved stele patterned in relief with halos, lotus flowers, and a border of flames.

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