"VFTS-682" by Jan Pieter Fokkens

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W: 36.0" D: 1.0" H: 48.0"
Acrylic on Canvas
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Inspired by telescope images of deep space, contemporary computer compression algorithms, and early non-representational art, Chicago-artist Jan Pieter Fokkens recreates images that exist beyond our imagination. Done completely by hand, each work is created with the aid of custom algorithms that extract qualities such as pattern, form and color. Fokkens then paints each of these abstracted qualities as a single line upon canvas. The result is a reductionist, analogue interpretation of an unimaginable digital reality.

Entitled "VFTS-682," this painting offers a representation of the Wolf-Rayet star VFTS 682. Located within the Large Magellanic Cloud, VFTS 682 is 150 times the mass of the sun and 3.2 million times more luminous - making it one of the most massive and luminous stars ever known.

Acrylic on canvas. Unframed.

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