Cui Fei, "Tracing the Origin IX_I_i," 2012

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W: 21.5" D: 2.0" H: 29.5"
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Born in Jinan, China, Cui Fei has been based in New York for over 20 years. Her work is inspired by nature, her favored materials being natural materials such as vines, twigs and tendrils that she gathers herself. Deeply responsive to aspects of traditional Chinese culture and philosophy, Cui Fei recognizes the essential role of calligraphy in the development of Chinese civilization and uses it as a constant reference for whatever form her work takes. In "Tracing the Origin IX_I_i," Cui Fei continues a series that explores a time before art became separate from nature. Arranging vine tendrils to evoke the gestural flourishes of calligraphy painting, she traces the formal art form back to its natural origins.

Silver gelatin print photogram. Framed.

Varied edition of 5 + 2 APs.

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