Ivorian Baule Chief's Stool with Queen Rider

c. 1950
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W: 42.5" D: 19.5" H: 37.5"
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Reserved for special occasions, this chief’s stool reinforced the owner’s power and influence in terms of the natural order of the animal world. A perfect perch for a man of high status, the stool assumes the shape of a leopard, an animal frequently represented in artworks by people of the Baule Tribe. Painted with spots mimicking the animal’s fur, the leopard is fashioned with stout legs and jaws clenched around its prey. The figure of a queen, linking the chief to an ancestral legacy, sits on the leopard’s outstretched tail. With a regal, upright bearing, the queen displays her rank with her elaborate hairstyle and impressive collection of neck rings. Intended for public display, this stool would have been appreciated by the community for its captivating details and honored with garlands of beads and stones. We love the queen’s confident air and the jaunty way she holds her shade umbrella.

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