Square Puddingstone Table

c. 1850
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W: 35.5" D: 35.5" H: 32.5"
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This 19th-century square table is inlaid with a single slab of puddingstone, a conglomerate stone appreciated for its beautifully irregular patterning. Found at the center of social activity, Chinese square tables were used on a daily basis for eating meals, serving tea, or playing games. Due to the durability of stone, inlaid tables such as this were also used as surfaces for burning incense or pouring wine.

The table has a corner leg design with four round legs linked with simple humpback stretchers. The top edge is carved with ridges to simulate bent bamboo, an homage to early Chinese furniture forms. The apron is similarly crafted to appear as though wrapping around the legs and has an open, geometric design similar to lattice. The table's wooden frame is darkened by a beautifully aged lacquer finish with mottled coloring and a smooth patina.

Deaccessioned from the MacLean Collection of Asian Art.

Additional Dimensions:
Table Apron to Floor: 27"H

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Pudding Stone

Named for its resemblance to a fruit-studded pudding, the conglomerate stone known as ‘pudding stone’ has been a favored material for centuries, selected for its contrasting colors and mesmerizing patterns. Sourced from the mountains of Shandong Province, China, each stone is cut and polished to reveal the captivating natural forms held within.  

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