Heaven and Earth Meditation Stone Table

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W: 51.75" D: 40.5" H: 14.5"
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Greenery stones are named for the naturally occurring patterns suggestive of trees, grass and other plantlike forms that result from the stone’s conglomerate mix of jadeite, moss agate, serpentine, and other minerals. Found in China’s Liaoning province, the best greenery stones are patterned with sweeping veins of color and abstract forms that evoke the inimitable beauty of nature.

This greenery stone slab has been polished to reveal its green coloring and is elevated by a custom base of three reclaimed wood spheres for use as a low coffee table. Crafted by a local Chicago artisan, the legs are composed of solid silver maple, each carefully sculpted to preserve the knots and burls within the wood. Each of the wooden legs has been hand-turned to a unique shape, two of oblong form and one of a stacked, double gourd design, symbolizing the unity between heaven and earth.

Additional Dimensions:
Diameter of Sphere: 15.5"
Diameter of Sphere: 15"
Diameter of Double Gourd: 12.5"

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