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Crystal China W: 1.0" D: 1.0" H: 1.75"
Rock Crystal Seal
Limestone, Steel Anhui, China W: 22.0" D: 11.5" H: 10.0"
Hide, Wood, Hair Northern China, China H: 26.0" Dia: 4.0"
Northern Elmwood, Brass Northern China, China W: 54.0" D: 25.75" H: 32.0"
Porcelain China W: 2.5" D: 1.5" H: 2.5"
Blue and White Porcelain Seal
Burl, Iron Northern China, China W: 16.5" D: 7.25" H: 5.75"

In the Scholars' Studio

The Qing-dynasty scholar-official filled his studio with beautiful objects to inspire creativity and intellectual curiosity. Whether the tools of calligraphy or an etagere of porcelains and meditation stones, every addition to the studio was an expression of aesthetic taste.

Limestone, Steel Anhui, China W: 9.5" D: 9.0" H: 23.0"
Porcelain China W: 1.0" D: 1.0" H: 5.25"
Blue and White Porcelain Seal
Northern Elmwood Henan, China W: 21.0" D: 20.25" H: 14.75"
Root Japan W: 10.0" D: 7.5" H: 6.5"
Wood, Bamboo, Hair China W: 15.5" D: 1.25" H: 1.25"
Cypress Northern China, China W: 5.0" D: 4.0" H: 6.25"
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Cypress Brush Pot

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