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Cypress, Lacquer, Reed Zhejiang, China W: 60.0" D: 32.5" H: 18.0"
Stone, Reclaimed Wood Liaoning, China W: 48.0" D: 35.0" H: 16.0"
Northern Elmwood, Lacquer Fujian, China W: 52.0" D: 52.0" H: 19.0"
Black Lacquer Kang Table
Teak Indonesia W: 79.5" D: 42.0" H: 19.5"
Indonesian Teak Rice Bed
Paint, Iron, Lacquer, Poplar Gansu, China W: 45.75" D: 19.0" H: 19.5"
Painted Elephant Trunk Table
Stone, Oak Shandong, China W: 31.0" D: 42.5" H: 16.0"
China W: 19.0" D: 14.0" H: 10.0"
Hide, Wood, Brass, Steel Shanghai, China W: 33.5" D: 22.5" H: 19.0"
Blonde Hide Trunk Table
Wood Shanxi, China W: 69.0" D: 19.75" H: 19.5"
Low Kang Table
Hide, Wood, Brass, Steel Shanghai, China W: 31.5" D: 23.25" H: 19.0"
Blonde Hide Trunk Table
Wood Shanxi, China W: 75.5" D: 15.5" H: 25.5"
Low Plank Top Table
Hide, Pigment, Wood, Lacquer, Steel Tibet W: 35.0" D: 19.0" H: 19.0"
Tibetan Nomad's Trunk Table

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