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Ceramic Shandong, China H: 17.75" Dia: 11.0"
Glass Shandong, China H: 11.0" Dia: 11.0"
Paper, Oil Paint United States W: 12.0" D: 1.75" H: 15.0"
Celebrate a Moment

Evan Millárd

Interior designer Evan Millárd creates inviting spaces he calls his jewel box interiors, a whimsical mix of bright colors, luxe materials and treasured objects.

Porcelain Shanxi, China H: 19.5" Dia: 11.0"
Brass Northern China, China W: 8.25" D: 7.75" H: 4.5"
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Wool, Walnut France W: 70.0" D: 25.0" H: 18.0"
Ceramic China W: 8.5" D: 6.5" H: 5.5"
Bronze China W: 8.75" D: 7.0" H: 6.5"
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Porcelain Jiangxi, China H: 15.5" Dia: 11.0"
Stand Out Style

Favorite Rooms of 2023

Discover six of our favorite rooms from 2023, each designed by a PAGODA RED client with extraordinary objects from our collection.


Rosewood Northern China, China W: 31.0" D: 1.0" H: 45.0"
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Porcelain Southern China, China H: 10.5" Dia: 5.0"
Ceramic Shanxi, China H: 7.0" Dia: 7.25"

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