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Taikkun Li

b. 1981 San Francisco, CA

Taikkun Li's work crosses the boundaries of design, sculpture, ceramics, film, and photography. His work was selected to represent the contemporary evolution of Chinese ceramics in a retrospective exhibit at the University of New Mexico Museum. 

Paper, Ink, Bamboo Beijing, China W: 27.75" D: 1.25" H: 11.75"
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Porcelain Beijing, China W: 9.5" D: 5.5" H: 2.0"
Lucite Beijing, China W: 17.75" D: 17.75" H: 24.0"

Deng Ying

b. 1969 Beijing, China

Deng Ying’s work is independently fearless and playful, making her a stand out in the sea of contemporary Chinese artists. She often caricatures herself and daily activities in Chinese parks. Her porcelain is fired in the imperial kilns of Jingdezhen, China. 


Xie Dong

b. 1967 Beijing, China

Xie Dong, an internationally acclaimed porcelain designer, seeks to capture fleeting moments. In porcelain she brilliantly seizes the way a pillow crumples, the moment fabric falls and the gentle breeze of the wind. With her complex technical process, she creates organic ceramic forms—both beautiful and functional.

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