Blue and White Dragon Jar

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H: 9.0" Dia: 8.5"
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This large porcelain jar is beautifully glazed in the classic blue-and-white manner, with hand-painted cobalt-blue decoration against a crisp white field. The jar has a rounded form and flat lid, a traditional shape for jars used to hold Chinese tea leaves or herbal medicines. The painted decoration depicts a celestial dragon winding across the sides through abstract clouds. Considered the king of all mythical creatures, the dragon is a common symbol in Chinese art and a symbol of strength, ambition, luck and power. A greek key border encircles the neck of the jar and the lid is painted with a cloud and flaming pearl.

Additional Dimensions:
Without Lid: 8.25"H
Diameter of Opening: 3.5"
Diameter of Base: 6"

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Year of the Dragon

The Lunar New Year is a time to honor our ancestors and gather with friends & family. This year's celebration brings the Year of the Wood Dragon. The 5th animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is a powerful heavenly being associated with ambition, strength and success.

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