Four Piece Stacking Cabinet

c. 1930
$6,880 USD
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W: 32.5" D: 24.5" H: 90.0"
Northern Elmwood
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This refined, early 20th century stacking cabinet from Beijing commands its surroundings with grand scale, rich materials, and a timeless modular design. Constructed of northern elm (yumu) with traditional joinery, the cabinet is comprised of four separate, stacked storage compartments. The lowest compartment features a footed base and two shallow drawers, while the remaining three have identical designs that allow them to be reconfigured in any order.

The stacking cabinet has a minimalist, square corner design, highlighting the beauty of a simple silhouette. The cabinet is cloaked inside and out with a red-brown lacquer finish, lightly faded along the edges from a century of use. Square brass hinges and lock plates accent the fronts with a metallic sheen, perfectly punctuating the warmth of the lacquer finish. Used as a tall compound cabinet or arranged as nightstands and side cabinets, this impressive cabinet set is a versatile storage solution in traditional and modern interiors alike.

Cabinet pins are replacement.

Additional Dimensions:
Interior Drawers: 12.5"W x 21.5"D x 3"H
Door Openings: 39"W x 23"D x 17"H

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