Faux Book Tantalus Chest

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W: 6.0" D: 9.75" H: 12.0"
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First patented in England by the German cabinet maker George Betjemann in 1881, the tantalus originated as a lockable storage case that allowed one's finest liquors to remain on display, yet out of reach. As the tantalus grew in popularity, many variants on the original design emerged, including closed chests that kept one's liquor completely hidden.

This Italian faux book bar set from Sarreid Ltd. honors the history of the tantalus with both elegance and functionality. Placed upon a bookcase, the box would appear as nothing more than a set of three hardbound herbaria manuals. Upon closer inspection, the "books" hinge open to reveal a secret interior compartment containing two glass decanters and four small glass tumblers. The bar chest has a handcrafted wooden frame with an exterior leather lining decorated with imitation wood grain, embossed foliate scrollwork, and gilt hand-painted lettering.

From the collection of Frances and Gary Comer.

Additional Dimensions:
Shot Glasses: 1.75"W x 2.25"H
Decanters: 3.75"W x 8"H

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