Fu Xiaotong, "168,000 Pinpricks," 2019

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W: 28.0" D: 2.0" H: 47.5"
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Fu Xiatong is a Beijing based artist who has achieved wide acclaim for her remarkable works of hand-made Xuan paper repeatedly perforated with a needle. In her early works, images of mountain ranges and powerful waves emerge from the accumulation of fine puncture marks she so skillfully creates with her innovative process. In "168,000 Pinpricks," Fu employs a new technique where she begins at a central point and works outwards with a progressive rhythm, softening the sturdy paper until it transforms into a dynamic three-dimensional surface. These undulating surfaces evoke a multitude of associations, of organic, cellular, and corporal forms, of breaking waves, or the monumental scale of a distant landscape. Mirroring the natural forms from which she draws inspiration, this new body of work is created in an organic, intuitive manner, in contrast to the representative imagery of her previous works.

Handmade paper. Framed.

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Fu Xiaotong 付小桐

b. 1976, Shanxi province, China

Beijing-based artist Fu Xiaotong conjures forth expansive landscapes and abstract forms through thousands of accumulating pinpricks on paper. 

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