Painted Guatemalan Patrón Face Mask

20th Century
W: 5.0" D: 4.5" H: 6.75"
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This colorfully painted and expertly carved mask was once used in one of the oldest Guatemalan dance performances, the Baile del Patzcar. Still practiced today, this dance evolved from a Mayan purification ritual. Traditionally, a dancer wearing a mask representing a woman known as Lola performs a ritual using a white handkerchief to heal other masqueraders wearing rags and diseased masks.

The patrón character, represented by this mask, depicts the cruel European land owner married to Lola. The performance has an emphasis on comedy, with the various characters acting erratically and clumsily for entertainment. With his bushy eyebrows, whimsical mustache and bright red nose and cheeks, this mask can be mounted to add storied character to any interior.

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Elizabeth Krueger | Elizabeth Krueger Design

“PAGODA RED was extremely supportive in helping to pull accessory options together for the Lake Forest Showhouse. After providing them with details and our vision on how we were looking to finish our space, Laurene helped curate options that made it easy for us to edit and finalize. It's also no surprise that the unique pieces we used in our showhouse space were some of the first to sell.”

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