Pair of Famille Rose Rouleau Vases

c. 1900
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H: 15.5" Dia: 6.0"
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During the 18th century, Europeans provided an eager market for Chinese export porcelain, especially the colorful and fanciful ware known as “famille rose.” Named for a palette of opaque overglaze enamels that favored roses and pinks, famille rose porcelain ware was crafted with the same technical virtuosity as imperial porcelain but designed for Western tastes.

These rouleau-shaped vases date to the early 20th century and beautifully showcase the intricate decoration characteristic of famille rose ware. Also known as bangchuping (纹棒槌瓶), or 'grain mallet vase', rouleau vases are distinguished by short necks, well-defined rims, and tall cylindrical sides ideal for figurative scenes or landscapes. This pair is painted with a scene of courtly women and children relaxing in a luxurious interior setting. Seated at fine tables and surrounded by beautiful objects, the women are shown drinking tea, playing weiqi, and painting calligraphy scrolls. The domestic scene is framed by rectangular lappets at the base and an interlocking coin pattern at the shoulders. The neck is decorated by colorful rocks and peony blossoms, symbols of springtime and feminine beauty. Offering an idealized depiction of Ming-dynasty life, these delicate vases use the contemporary techniques of famille rose to honor the past with vibrant colors.

Additional Dimensions:
Diameter of Opening: 2.75"

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