Printed Portrait of Josephine Bonaparte

20th Century
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Encased in a geometric Art Deco frame, this small printed portrait depicts a young woman of French royalty, most likely Empress Josephine Bonaparte. Josephine Bonaparte was the Empress of France as the first wife of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1804-1810) and, as Napoleon's consort, she also reigned as Queen of Italy from1805 to1810. Following the French Revolution, Josephine became the undisputed leader of fashion during the early 19th-century as the most visible female figure of her era.

Similarly to Napoleon, her taste in clothing was inspired by Roman and Greek styles, thus differentiating herself from the 18th-century Rococo styles of Marie Antoinette. Here we see Josephine in a light blue empire waist dress adorned with a spiked lace collar, jewel embellishments, and a loosely draped fur cape. Known for her lavish taste in jewelry and imported fabrics, Josephine reinforced Paris’ position as the fashion capital of the world, ultimately boosting the French industry. This petite framed portrait recalls the rich history and influence of Josephine Bonaparte, a reminder to be your own tastemaker much like she was.

From the collection of Frances and Gary Comer.

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