Pewter Teapot with Carnelian Bead

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W: 4.0" D: 3.25" H: 7.0"
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For one short decade, from around 1910 to 1920, pewter was all the rage in China’s bustling commercial centers of Shanghai and Canton. Drawn to pewter’s soft, silvery glow, artists took advantage of the alloy’s malleability and low melting point to fashion beautifully crafted teakettles and canisters that rivaled the workmanship of fine porcelain.

This timeless pewter teapot has a streamlined form, featuring a cylindrical body that curves elegantly outwards to a flared base. An angular spout hints at Art Deco tastes and a thin handle arches high above the domed lid. The edges are trimmed in thin bands of contrasting brass and the lid is decorated with etched grooves and a bright red carnelian agate bead. A delightful find from a highly collected period, this kettle is a lovely example of Republic Era pewter.

From the collection of Frances and Gary Comer.

Do not expose to direct heat.

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