Inca Woven Hat with Feather Plume

c. 1500
$7,280 USD SOLD
W: 14.0" D: 13.0" H: 19.0"
Natural Material
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A beautiful contrast of colors and textures, this fantastic feather headdress is a woven hat of the Inca period, (c. 1460-1532). The style of the fez-shaped hat originated in the Aymara culture of northern Chile and displays a stepped, geometric pattern created by coil-weaving with dyed alpaca yarn. The hat on its own would have been worn as an everyday garment, but the addition of a decorative plume of vibrant feathers suggests that this piece would have been the final adornment of an Inca mummy bundle. Simply displayed on a custom steel mount, the burst of feathers provides a sense of movement and turns the piece into a captivating sculptural object.

Headdress comes with a custom acrylic case. Washing stone display stand pictured is not included.

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