Yan Shanchun, "Baoshi Hill - Trees at Dusk," 2017, Set of 5

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Yan Shanchun is among the first of a generation of artists who emerged from the academies when they were reopened after being closed during China's Cultural Revolution. Yan grew up in Hangzhou, a city built beside the West Lake, a source of inspiration for poets and painters for hundreds of years. Memories of the famous lake and celebrated viewing-points never left the artist and became the inspiration for much of his work. Yan’s print-making process is highly unconventional. He uses a mixture of sulfur and olive oil to produce recesses in the copper plate, and uses a hand press to print onto Japanese ganpishi paper. Small in scale, the etchings vary greatly in their imagery, with broad views of the expanse of the West Lake and its surroundings contrasting with evocative details. In "Baoshi Hill-Trees at Dusk," Yan takes as his subject Baoshi Hill, a favored location for generations of artists due to its expansive views of the lake and surrounding areas.

Set of five prints. Framed. 13.75" x 18.75" each.

This set is available online only.

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